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TIDAL WAVE – September 16, 2016

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 is the release date for our new album TIDAL WAVE. We really can’t wait for you to hear it. Everyone is working hard to categorize where this music fits and all we can say is we wrote from the heart and did the best work we could, so to us it sounds like Taking Back Sunday. We hope you enjoy it.

-Watch a new video for Tidal Wave directed by Greg Hunter while out on Taste of Chaos
-View the pre-order bundles of cool vinyl and other things we think you might like which are available now
-Pre-order the album on iTunes HERE and receive Tidal Wave immediately

Produced by Mike Sapone
Engineered by Mike Pepe
Mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer
Artwork designed by Brad Filip and Brad Clifford / Photos by Misha Lazzara

1. Death Wolf
2. Tidal Wave
3. You Can’t Look Back
4. Fences
5. All Excess
6. I Felt It Too
7. Call Come Running
8. Holy Water
9. In The Middle of It All
10. We Don’t Go In There
11. Homecoming
12. I’ll Find A Way To Make It What You Want

Forever Beautiful – A Collection of Love For Orlando

49 songs for the 49 beautiful lives lost in Orlando.
Pay / Donate what you can AT BANDCAMP
DIRECT LINK: https://srbproductions.bandcamp.com/album/forever-beautiful-a-collection-of-love-for-orlando

From Adam & Sean/SRB Productions who put the comp together:
“Pulse is spitting distance from our house, and it’s been unbelievable to see what’s happened to our city and neighborhood. It means the world to us that you wanted to contribute to this compilation. This is for Orlando, from Orlando. 49 songs for the 49 victims.”
All proceeds benefit https://oneorlando.org/

We are honored to be included.

Follow for more info and updates:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/songsfororlando
Twitter: www.twitter.com/songsfororlando


Very excited to be part of the 2016 run of the Rockstar TASTE OF CHAOS tour.
June 3 – July 16.
Tickets and INFO*: CLICK HERE
*Please note we are not part of the VIP M&G or Merch Packages
****Please make sure you read what each one includes as there are several different ones
and since we aren’t doing/running them we can’t really answer many questions
Artist Pre-Sale Wednesday March 16 at 8am Local Time:
Ticketmaster & Artist Pre-Sale Thursday March 17 10am Local time:
Password TASTE
June 8 – Lewiston, NY LINK: June 6
June 29 – Kansas City, MO LINK: June 29
July 8 – Boise, ID LINK: July 8
July 10 – Eugene, OR LINK: July 10
General On-Sale Friday March 18 at 10am Local time.
July 26 & 27 in FL & LA have a later on-sale date, stay tuned!
San Bernardino – More Info Coming/More Bands Coming/ On-Sale Soon.
Follow Taking Back Sunday and Taste Of Chaos on socials for more info!

New Photos!

We’ve added some new photos from our Starland Ballroom Holiday Spectacular and Riot Fest.
Thanks to Chris Siegel and Keith Barker for the shots!

Starland Ballroom 2015| Photo by Chris Siegel

Sweet Relief Charity Auction

Sweet Relief in conjunction with Charity Buzz is holding an auction to benefit the Musicians Cancer Fund at Sweet Relief, which pays for medical treatment, prescriptions, food, rent and other vital living expenses for professional musicians and music industry workers suffering from severe illness and disability.

We were happy to donate a very rare backdrop proof – this is a miniature version of the actual backdrop that we used for all of our touring in 2014. It’s about 2 1/2 feet by 3 feet. We get this proof to test the coloring and fabrics. We’ve all signed it and will be happy for one of you to become the owner and benefit this great charity.


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